Folding Origami Sheets to being a Coding Master Kid!

Folding Origami Sheets to being a Coding Master Kid!

Remember folding those colorful sheets to make sparrows, dogs, and trees? Well, this Japanese Paper Folding Technique is back! 

ORIGAMI: The skillset enhancer

Origami has its roots in Japan. This paper folding technique needs a high amount of concentration and precision. This engages the doer while simultaneously improving logical and sequential thinking. Let us have a look at how it does so!

  • Every time your child folds the sheet, it enhances his/her spatial visualization skills.

  • Gone were the days when children ran away from the chapter of Fractions in a math book! Origami can be easily used to teach kids the concept of half and one-third!

  • While doing origami, your child will explore the possibility of having more than one solution to a problem and infinite ways to get to them. It will make them happy to know that there are no wrong answers.

And to top it all, you know it’s a fun activity!!


How Origami and Coding go hand in hand?

Both learning algorithms and coding require a sequence of steps to accomplish the final result. Once the kids learn the algorithm, they could label sequences. In origami, the sequences are properly laid down to attain the desired results. The next step would be getting the kids acquainted with the concept of decomposition. It is inevitable for a computer programmer not to learn to break bigger problems into smaller ones. E.g. Pick a complex folding origami structure and show it to your kid. Later ask the kid to do the same without your help. This will help the kid to apply his mind to break the larger problem into smaller ones to derive the result. This would prompt him/her to think about what is needed to solve the problem and where can he/she find the information related to it.

Why expose your little one to Origami?

Studies suggest that the combination of Origami, Mathematics and Coding leave students more satisfied and allows them to explore their potential in either of the subjects stated above. Also, the advantages of origami combined with mathematics or coding over traditional mathematics or coding are numerous. It helps the students enhance their concentration while achieving creative freedom and motivation for learning. Also, the application of origami helps the students connect the real and virtual world.

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