Why children must learn to code?

Why children must learn to code?

Why must all children learn to code?

Digital technology is an integral part of children's lives now. Just like studying Maths and Science is essential for kids, it is helpful to understand how digital technology works. With all industries adopting digital, coding is part of most things around us. It has become a necessary subject to be better prepared for the future in this digital age.

Once kids are introduced to coding, they will realize that technology or computer programs are no magic and they themselves can create programs that can be useful for all.

From problem-solving skills to critical thinking, here are the top reasons kids of all ages should learn to code:

Coding can help in learning other subjects and also improve life skills

"Learning how to Code is more important than English as a second language" - Tim Cook, CEO-Apple.

Coding can improve a child’s overall academic performance. By learning to code, children are able to visualize abstract concepts in a much better way. Not only this, but coding can also help them in the application of Mathematics to real-world issues by formulating creative solutions. Coding can make learning other subjects more practical and fun than ever before.

As children write more complicated code, they will understand the value of planning, which is an important life skill. Another very important skill which coding teaches is communication. Wondering how? Well, learning code means learning a new language of communicating with computers, so it also strengthens both verbal and written skills.

Coding teaches children how to think creatively

“Children must be taught 'how' to think and not what to think”

Coding is not just about how to type lines of code. It is much more than that. To learn to code, a child needs to think out of the box. They need to see the bigger picture in order to break it down into smaller pieces so that they can solve it effectively. This is also known as decomposition and one of the key features of computational thinking.

Through coding, children are motivated to find solutions to complex problems which motivates them to use their creative minds to the maximum. Also, coding is particularly easy to pick up for children, unlike adults. This gives them confidence and in turn, encourages them to create something on their own in a fun and exciting manner.

Coding helps kids how to solve problems and develop perseverance

Coding not only helps in writing down programs but also stretches your mind to unimaginable limits. Learning to code will teach children how to solve complex problems in a logical and creative way. But it is not necessary that they will not fail or everything they create will work well in the first instance. Hence, kids also learn how to persist in case what they are creating is not coming out well. They tend to anticipate any errors and study what is working and what’s not. In a way, it teaches them they can overcome any adversity they face. That’s why coding should be taught to kids when they are young and it will help them along the way in life.

Learning coding at a young age will make them future-ready

If children learn to code at a young age, then they can improve over time with experience. This will be hugely beneficial as most industries will have a digital core in the future. Mastering code at a young age will allow kids to excel in any field they choose!

With 40% of JetLearn’s students less than eight years of age and expressing themselves excellently with creative coding skills, it is clear that it is never too early to start! As they continue to get better, they will have a significant advantage over other kids and will be empowered to create the future.

JetLearn Team

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