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Summer Holidays

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Spend your summer learning various skills with JetLearn 's global community of learners from 22+ countries

Age Group: 6 - 16 years
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8 Fun-Learning Workshops

Two Workshops every week from 24th July to 17th August
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How Summer Fiesta Workshops work?

Learn with a global community of learners from 22+ countries

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Workshop Fee €49
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Fun Learning Workshops
for Children

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24th July, 2022 - Sunday
Learn the core of Rubik's cube
From the top Rubik's Cube expert

27th July, 2022 - Wednesday
Play the best moves in chess
Learn the fundamentals of chess

31st July, 2022 - Sunday
Create your own NFTs
Stay updated with technology trends

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3rd Aug, 2022 - Wednesday
Learn Storytelling Using PPTs
Learn storytelling in a fun way. The art of storytelling help us in every walk of life.

7th Aug, 2022 - Sunday
Introduction to Metaverse
While everyone is talking of Metaverse let your child learn it. Make your child the creator!

10th Aug, 2022 - Wednesday
Minecraft and Roblox
Why just play games when you can make them? Learn to code with Roblox and Minecraft!

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13th Aug, 2022 - Sunday
Hone your creativity skills with exciting painting workshop from the best trainer

17th Aug, 2022 - Wednesday
How to Communicate Better?
Communication is an important skill. Every child must learn the basics of communication

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