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"I have an engineering background myself and have been teaching coding to my 8 year old son for a couple of years, but felt the need for a more structured teaching approach. I am so glad that I found JetLearn. The teacher is engaging, personalizes the pace to my son’s level and overall ensures that the learning happens in fun way. My son is very picky and I let him make his own decisions - JetLearn class is definitely the one he looks forward to!"

Nick Turchak, Product Management Leader, Columbia Graduate & Father, Amsterdam

“The JetLearn tutor is great in providing the appropriate level of challenge and guidance. My son looks forward to his classes and I am proud to seen him grow in resilience and confidence every week”

Abhishek Mehta, Commodities Trader, Engineer & Father, Rotterdam

"My daughter loved the Jetlearn coding session. The online classes are really convenient and the tutor was very patient & knowledgeable. I highly recommend JetLearn to anyone considering coding classes for their kids."

Naintara Agarwal, Finance Director, Dartmouth Graduate & Mother, London

“We love the flexibility and quality of every lesson. For a busy professional, the convenience of high quality online instruction for the kids is unparalleled”

Animesh Ranjan, Private Equity Investor, INSEAD MBA & Father, Amsterdam

JetLearn has been very effective for my daughter to learn coding in a fun and creative way. We highly value the 1:1 instructions and the fact that we can do the lessons at home. I have found scheduling/re-scheduling to be super easy and interactions with JetLearn staff has been fantastic. Highly recommended!

Kanti Kopalle, Executive@Cognizant & Father, Amsterdam

Signing up my son for JetLearn’s coding classes is one of the best things I have done. The JetLearn instructor is top notch in technical knowledge and ability to motivate my son. I feel my son has learnt so much in a short time because the classes are one-on-one and personalized to suit his accelerated pace of learning.

Prashant Tosniwal, Executive@TCS & Father, Amstelveen

My son is 7 years old. I really wanted to get him started with coding because it also helps with problem solving and maths skills, and am happy that I found JetLearn. The one-on-one format allows for optimum learning, and my son is super excited to attend his classes twice a week.

Parshant Slathia, Executive@Ericsson & Father, Amstelveen

“My daughter has developed a strong interest in computers after a few classes. I find the course well structured and the tutor very engaging. My daughter has fun in the classes and looks forward to meeting her tutor every week”

Amit Rai, CEO, Harvard MBA & Father , London

My daughter has been taking coding lessons from JetLearn for the past 8 months and she just loves the hands-on and creative nature of classes. The curriculum is designed to be super-interesting for kids, the teacher is not only a subject matter expert but also most importantly goes the extra mile in engaging and inspiring. My daughter is always looking forward to meeting her JetLearn teacher!

Dominque van Nunen, Mother, Den Haag

My son is into gaming and he loves the fact that he can actually code his own games. The course is the right mix of fun creativity and challenge for him and he is thrilled with his instructor, curriculum and speed at which he is learning. As a parent I am impressed with the caliber of instructors and customer service. JetLearn's 1:1 courses are absolutely the way to go.

Carlos S, Software Engineer & Father, Amsterdam

I believe coding is going to be an essential skill for the future, and also strengthens logical reasoning and problem solving abilities. I am glad that I found JetLearn when I started looking for programming courses. The JetLearn instructor is top-notch and the one-to-one setting engages my son - I see him excited to attend every class.

Rebecca McGibbon, Financial Services Executive, HomeMaker and Mother, Amsterdam

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