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Sylvia, Dentist & JetMom

“My 5 year old son is coding independently!

Before he became a JetLearner, he was nervous to use a mouse or participate in video conferences. With JetLearn, he has developed increased concentration, computer and language skills, and logical reasoning abilities. I think a large part of this is thanks to the fact that he always has the same teacher, one he has developed a bond with. My youngest, looking at his elder brother, cannot wait to start coding. That’s the power of JetLearn.”

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Naintara Agarwal (London)

Finance Director, Dartmouth Graduate & Mother

"My daughter loved the Jetlearn coding session. The online classes are really convenient and the tutor was very patient & knowledgeable. I highly recommend JetLearn to anyone considering coding classes for their kids."

Nick Turchak (Amsterdam)

Nick Turchak, Product Management Leader, Columbia Graduate & Father

"I have an engineering background myself and have been teaching coding to my 8 year old son for a couple of years, but felt the need for a more structured teaching approach. I am so glad that I found JetLearn. The teacher is engaging, personalizes the pace to my son’s level and overall ensures that the learning happens in fun way. My son is very picky and I let him make his own decisions - JetLearn class is definitely the one he looks forward to!"

Kanti Kopalle (Amsterdam)

Senior Executive@Cognizant & Father

"JetLearn has been very effective for my daughter to learn coding in a fun and creative way. We highly value the 1:1 instructions and the fact that lessons are at home. I have found scheduling/re-scheduling to be super easy and interactions with JetLearn staff has been fantastic. Highly recommended!"

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