Why learn coding?

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Coding, like any other language, is a way to express creativity. See your kids create projects, that they will be proud of - mobile applications, games, animations, and beautiful websites!


Our step by step approach to coding encourages kids to think in a cause- effect manner. Kids learn to break down complex problems, in turn strengthening their logical reasoning abilities.


We encourage kids to experiment, explore ideas, question assumptions, make mistakes (and learn from them!). This builds confidence, resilience, and improves overall academic performance.


By introducing coding to children at an early age, they are given the opportunity to inquire, investigate, apply, create, and present, and lay the foundation stone of computational thinking in them.

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What makes us unique

No matter your child’s starting point, whether your child is ready to start our block-based programming courses or ready to jump into our advanced courses, JetLearn customises every student’s experience. Students work with instructors who are hand-selected for them and placed in courses based on their own aptitude, experience, and overall goals. With personalized one-on-one attention and project-based learning, students learn at their own pace with customizable projects in a structured learning environment.

Artificial Intelligence
Software engineer

Top 1% Tutors

Our tutors go through the most stringent vetting process! They need to have a computer science background AND previous teaching experience. Then they are tested for the technical skills, communication skills and ability to engage and inspire kids. Only the top 1% are then selected and trained on our proprietary curriculum.

Great with Kids
Computer science background

Individual Mentoring

Each student is provided with a personal tutor who guides them through their learning, suggesting specific exercises and unlocking the individual student’s potential on an ongoing basis and ensuring they truly “get” the subject.

Better Learning Outcomes
Personalised attention
Pace aligned to each student

Goal Based Curriculum

Proprietary curriculum designed by alumni & experts from top global universities and technology companies

Real Projects

Kids create multiple games and apps as part of the course-work. This ensures they use the concepts learnt productively and build something that are proud to share with family and friends.

"Learn-Practice-Invent" Framework

Each session helps the kids conquer a predefined concept both via 1:1 instruction and practice. Then the student is guided to create something original with the concept. This computational thinking approach ensures both - super-strong fundamentals and the "I can create" confidence in your kids. This framework is developed by our curriculum advisor from Harvard School of Education.
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Personalized Assignments

Each session is followed by a short personalized assignment to be finished individually. This ensures the concepts learnt are practiced and retained.

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