World's Best Coding and Robotics academy for Kids, JetLearn is bringing a brand new online magic workshop this August!

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28th August, 2022

JetLearn brings you one of the most extraordinary magicians who has performed worldwide! He will be doing an exclusive show for JetLearn kids and parents over Zoom.

Add some excitement to your Sunday by registering yourself for this magical event on 28th August, where you will not only see magic but learn and perform some magic tricks too!

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Magic is more fun with friends, invite your child's friends to also join!

The approach is similar for Coding & Magic!


Both magic and coding require structural thinking and a specific way of going through the steps.


In both magic and coding, presentation defines the user experience. While magic uses visuals, props and commentary, coding uses design thinking principles for show the output in the best way.

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Do you also want your child to learn coding and be a wizard?