JetLearn, the world's best 1:1 Coding Academy for kids, brings to you Coding is Creativity - a live virtual Origami party to kickstart your child’s coding career. We shall learn Origami and play a lot of fun games.

We are on a quest to make coding classes fun, interactive, and experiential—this time, we chose creativity as a medium. Hone the creative side to you by learning Origami.

The Origami workshop is free for all! All kids of 5-10 years are welcome!

A celebrity Origami artist who’s also an expert Origami instructor shall teach you how to fold.

A lot of fantastic contests and exciting activities are lined up too! So what are you waiting for? Call your friends and wear your creativity crowns.

Become a creative geek. Leverage Origami to understand Coding with us. Register for the Origami Workshop now!

PS- We promise extra fun, amusement, and prizes to those who bring more and more friends along!

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The approach is similar!

But how does learning Origami help children to code better?

Origami and Coding are a match made in heaven:

  • Both developing programs and folding require creativity
  • Recognizing patterns, forming logic, and performing repetitive tasks to achieve something extraordinary are essential parts of learning how to code - Origami is no different
  • Like Coding, Origami helps improve problem-solving, thinking skills, logic building, and understanding of algorithms
  • Coding champs break more significant problems into small ones, and so do Origami experts

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