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We bring to you Coding is Curiosity - Exciting Trivia for Kids, where children get a chance to win bumper prizes.

Topic : Disney - Pixar / Marvel Movies

Aren’t we all fans of Elsa or Simba? Show off your love for animated characters and movies to your friends - The event is free for all, bring them along!

Learning how to code is challenging and boosts mental growth and so does quizzing. Studies suggest that adaptive quizzes contribute to student motivation and engagement. It is also an effective way to build confidence. Keeping this in mind, our curriculum experts have designed comprehensive monthly quizzes on various topics.

The event will be divided in two sections -

Quiz 1: For Students Aged 6-10 yrs
Quiz 2: For Students Aged 11-16 yrs

Join us on the 23rd Jan, Sunday at 10 AM UK & 11 AM CET and win mega prizes.

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Quiz is more fun with friends, invite your child's friends to also join!

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